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Doggy Daycare/Boarding


We take dogs who qualify for our social, home environment. Dogs must be friendly, housebroken, and crate trained. We offer a free four to six hour trial stay for evaluation prior to reserving a place in our home. Space is limited. 

Our social environment is great for doggy socialization as they learn to play and be together. We give them supervision and structured play time. All immunizations must be current (need vet's documentation). 


Dog Walking

Exercise is crucial to your dog’s well-being. Without it they can become aggressive and destructive. If you are working or away all day, leaving the dog to run in the back yard, or cooped up inside your home, you may be experiencing some of these unpleasant behaviors. Walking is a good way to give your dog a break during the day and get in some much-needed exercise.


We walk your dog(s) by themselves. We do not walk other clients’ dogs with yours. If you have more than one dog, we can walk as many as two at a time. We never let the dog off - leash except in your enclosed, secure yard. We don’t do dog parks due to possible contact with aggressive or diseased dogs. Your dog’s safety and well-being is paramount.

See our Rates page for current fees.


Pet Sitting

There is no need to worry about leaving your pets at home when you are away. Grandma Dee’s Pet Care provides in-home pet sitting visits, dog walking and TLC that ensures your pet pal is safe, well-cared for and much happier than it would be in a kennel setting or left on its own.


Pets’ Reasons to Let Grandma Dee’s do it:

·      No danger of exposure to illnesses and other pets as they would be in a kennel setting.

·      No cages, bars or confinement.

·      Less anxiety and stress than they would experience in strange surrounding.

·      Pets will be much happier sleeping in their own beds, in their own homes, eating their own food and continuing their own routines.

·      Regular dog walking can help alleviate the stress and boredom of being left alone all day while busy pet parents are at work.


Your Reasons to Let Grandma Dee’s do it:

·      No need to impose on neighbors or friends.

·      Peace of mind; you know your pets are comfortable, happy and safe.

·      No check-in or check-out schedule means more flexibility for you.

·      Training routines are enforced per your instructions.

·      Grandma Dee’s can also see to plant watering, bringing in the mail and other services to make your home have that “lived in look” when you are away for longer periods.

·      Less expensive than kennel boarding.

And, best of all. No one can love them better than we can. With Grandma Dee’s Pet Care, your pets will look forward to cuddling and play, just like our own “grandpets.”


Puppy Training Classes and One-on-One Sessions

It is imperative for a dog to get its training from the day you bring it home. Children begin to apply what they have learned between 8 and 12 years of age. By 13, they are pretty well “hard-wired.”


Pups learn at an astounding rate, like little sponges. By the time they are 6 months old, they believe they know what they need to know and begin to apply it. After that age, it becomes more challenging to re-teach them better ways to behave.


Fear is the greatest cause of Aggression. Socialization with people and other dogs (as wll as strange environments) is an crucial in creating a calm, confident dog. That’s why we recommend puppy classes. The pup learns to focus on you while distractions are taking place all around them. They are also give play time to allow them to learn how to act with other dogs. They see and hear other people and learn that they do not need to fear strange people.




Pet Parenting Classes and One-on-One Sessions

What is Pet Parenting? It is learning the difference between Pet Owners and Pet Parents. Our class teaches you to understand and communicate better with your pet (dog or cat). Learn how the animals think, how they see you, and how to treat them so they happily become the companion(s) you want in your life.

See the Pet Parenting Quiz page and take the quiz to see how you rate (Pet Parent or Pet Owner).


I can even help you find the perfect pet for your personality and home conditions. I also offer the extra time and attention needed to house train a new pup and to help you to teach him or her to become a good citizen and happy member of your family.



Contact Us for a Free Home Consultation

Please allow at least one week before your planned departure to set up this critical first meeting. That’s where we get to know one another and I get to know your pets and routines – and the pet(s) learn that I’m not an unknown intruder. This will make for a much smoother transition for your pet(s) – and for you and me.



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